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Write for us at Leadmarketingbusiness.Com

Write for us at Leadmarketingbusiness.Com

Write For Us – Would you like to write for Leadmarketingbusiness? Then, you are in the right place. Please read our guidelines before submitting an article to our editorial team.

We are looking for passionate industry professionals to write thought leadership articles for LeadMarketingBusiness.

Please email us:

Including attractive articles increases, your credibility increases brand awareness and strengthens your reputation as a significant influencer in the industry.

We follow a strict process and accept contributions that meet our quality standards. Also, your posts should allow our audience to learn something new about each topic. Therefore, your content must be unique, attractive, and present new ideas. Once your article is published, you will have a broad view of our audience from the marketing round. It would be on our website as well as various social media platforms.

We ask that you read our guidelines carefully before writing to us. Make sure content follows all procedures to be considered.

To write to us, you can email us at

How do I submit an article to LeadMarketingBusiness?

  • Give a short presentation of yourself in a maximum of 50 words.
  • Your original article is at least 1000 words long.
  • Please mention in the subject of your email: “Send Guest Post.”
  • Finally, we are pleased to have you on board and present your content on our website.

If you’d like to write, guest post, or contribute an article for Leadmarketingbusiness, please email us at

Categories and Types of Articles We Welcome

SEO Services, Pay For Performance SEO, Content Marketing, Social, Media, PPC, Website Analytics, Website Design, Conversion Optimization, Online Innovation, Small Business, Start-up Marketing, Digital Advertising, Blogging, E-mail Marketing, Reputation Management, Influencer Marketing,

Topics we consider for Leadmarketingbusiness:

  • Technology
  • Marketing automation
  • Marketing
  • Leading generation
  • Junk mail
  • Marketing strategy
  • Internet Marketing
  • Conversion optimization
  • Companies
  • Building a relationship
  • Articles with instructions
  • Email Marketing
  • Digital Marketing – Digital Marketing, Advanced Trends, Guides, Tips, and Techniques, Digital
  • Marketing Case Studies
  • SEO – Search Engine Optimization – Trends & Guidelines, Keyword
  • Marketing Automation
  • Digital Marketing Case Studies
  • Research & Competitive Analysis, SEO Tools, Techniques
  • Social Media Marketing (SMM, SMO)
  • Online Branding
  • Advertising – Ad campaigns & Promotions,
  • PPC – Pay-per-click, AdWords
  • Blogging
  • SEM – Search Engine Marketing
  • Email Marketing
  • Affiliate Marketing
  • Algorithm Updates
  • Marketing Automation
  • E-commerce SEO and digital marketing
  • Growth Hacking
  • Google Tools – Google Analytics, Webmaster Search Console, Google
  • Content Marketing – Content creation, planning, copywriting tips
  • Video Marketing (YouTube Marketing)
  • Influencer Marketing
  • Startup Marketing – Startup Entrepreneur Growth

Why write to us (Leadmarketingbusiness)

  • If you [write for us], your business client can be a reader of our blog. They are massively exposed.
  • You can link to your website in the article that shares the SEO value of your website.
  • Helps build a relationship with your target audience.
  • We are also present on social networks, and we will publish your article on our social networks.
  • If you [write for us], your brand and your content will be visible around the world.

Guidelines for write for us (Leadmarketingbusiness)

Therefore, by posting a guest post or writing to us for marketing purposes, you confirm that you agree to these terms.

1. Quality of content:

content should be innovative and user-friendly rather than supportive. Articles with real scenarios, and informative tips are preferred.

2. Uniqueness:

All guest posts must be clear, transparent, and authentic (never published). You don’t want your guest post to appear anywhere in the search engine. As soon as your contribution has been approved for publication, you grant us the copyright as the owner of your content and ensure that you do not use this content for any other purpose.

3. Topic:

You can [write to us] about marketing, social media, web design, internet marketing, business, and mobile technology, or the previous guest post topics and use the search option at the top of the website to see if we already have any content in your case. Let’s try to see a different view of the article than the existing one and publish a new one.

4. Length:

Guest posts must be at least 800 words or more. The ideal length is 1500-2000 words.

If you would like to support your business with a contribution, please email us our sponsored contribution options.

5. Format:

All entries must be in American English and submitted in Word Docs or Google Docs.

  • Be accurate and understandable in your sentences.
  • Bullets help distinguish articles and keep your writing clean.
  • Use bold marks on long articles that lose the appearance of the paragraph.

6. Images:

Add at least 1-2 images to the content used in the article. Photos must be clear (<150 KB)

7. Biography:

Authors must provide the following information:

  • Your email address, which will be kept confidential at all times.
  • A short bio of 50 words or less (may include a link to the social network website)
  • A portrait photo (you can facilitate our work by uploading your image to the Gravatar email address you provided).
  • We will not assign your contribution to any company. Instead, we will represent your item on your behalf as there is only one quality to avoid confusion.

To write to us, you can email us at

Lead Marketing Write for us

Lead Marketing Write for us

  1. Digital Marketing
  2. Email Marketing
  3. Online Marketing
  4. Marketing Strategy
  5. Social Media
  6. Advertising
  7. Account Management
  8. Sales
  9. Search Engine Optimization (SEO)
  10. Online Advertising
  11. Management
  12. Lead Generation

Sales Write for us

Sales Write for us

  1. jobs
  2. salesforce
  3. business
  4. marketing
  5. sell
  6. sales force
  7. sales representative
  8. sales manager
  9. clearance sale
  10. online sale
  11. clothes sale
  12. summer sale
  13. sales jobs
  14. womens clothes sale
  15. inside sales
  16. sales consultant
  17. buya
  18. on sale
  19. sales strategy
  20. sales management
  21. sales and marketing
  22. sale online
  23. retail sales
  24. winter sale
  25. sales process

SEO Write for us

SEO Write for us

  1. SEO
  2. SEO company
  3. SEO services
  4. SEO agency >seo meaning
  5. what is SEO
  6. best SEO companies
  7. local SEO
  8. SEO marketing
  9. SEO tools
  10. local SEO services
  11. SEO audit
  12. SEO consultant
  13. google SEO
  14. SEO companies

SEA Write for us

SEA Write for us

  1. search engine advertising
  2. search engine optimization advertising
  3. when advertising using search engine marketing sem you only pay
  4. advertisers employ search engine optimization seo to
  5. local search engine advertising
  6. search engine advertise
  7. search engine advertisements
  8. search engine advertising offers brands the following benefits except
  9. advertising on search engines
  10. how to advertise on google search engine
  11. sea search engine advertising »
  12. search engine advertising definition
  13. what is search engine advertising
  14. benefits of search engine advertising
  15. best search engine advertising
  16. free search engine advertising
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  18. how much does search engine advertising cost
  19. internet search engine advertising
  20. online advertising search engine
  21. paid search engine advertising
  22. ppc search engine advertising
  23. search engine advertising agency
  24. search engine advertising blog
  25. search engine advertising company

Social Media Write for us

Social Media Write for us

  1. sns
  2. social network
  3. social media apps
  4. social media marketing
  5. social media sites
  6. social networking apps
  7. social networking sites
  8. social media manager
  9. what is social media
  10. what is social media
  11. social media
  12. social marketing
  13. social media management
  14. social media platforms
  15. social media strategy
  16. social sites
  17. social media jobs
  18. all social media
  19. social media analytics
  20. social network analysis
  21. social media news
  22. social media campaign
  23. social media agency
  24. social media marketing strategy
  25. socialtools

Landing Pages Write for us

Landing page write for us

  1. landing page
  2. landing pages
  3. what is a landing page
  4. attach domain to gohighlevel landing page
  5. landing page examples
  6. extranet landing page
  7. landing page builder
  8. delta extranet landing page »
  9. landing page design
  10. show where folk go after landing page google analytics
  11. vimeo video landing page
  12. can you create landing pages in wix
  13. free landing page »
  14. landing page templates
  15. se grocers landing page »
  16. 5e landing page for roll20
  17. landing page designer
  18. landing page optimization tools
  19. seg landing page
  20. what is landing page
  21. best landing pages
  22. hilton wifi landing page
  23. how to create a landing page
  24. landing page example
  25. landing page optimization »
  26. landing pages examples »
  27. winn dixie landing page
  28. best landing page builder
  29. inpirational landing pages
  30. landing page creator

Banner Advertising Write for us

Banner Advertising Write for us

  1. banner advertising
  2. advertisement banner
  3. advertising banner
  4. banner for advertising
  5. banner advertisement
  6. advertise banner
  7. advertising banner flags
  8. banner advertisements
  9. plane advertising banner
  10. airplane banner advertising
  11. banner advertising examples
  12. airplane advertising banner »
  13. banner flags for advertising
  14. mlm banner advertising »
  15. what is banner advertising
  16. average cost of web banner advertising
  17. banner for advertisement
  18. online banner advertising
  19. website banner advertising cost
  20. airplane banner advertising near me >
  21. banner advertising rates
  22. moving advertisement banner
  23. plane advertising banner cost
  24. website banner advertising rates
  25. advertise with us banner
  26. advertising agency banner
  27. aircraft advertising banner
  28. banner advertising cost

Online PR Write for us

Online PR Write for us

  1. marketing
  2. seo
  3. target ad
  4. digital marketing
  5. affiliate marketing
  6. social media marketing
  7. marketing strategy
  8. email marketing
  9. marketing plan
  10. advertising agency
  11. internet marketing
  12. digital marketing course
  13. e marketing
  14. seo services
  15. direct marketing
  16. digital marketing agency
  17. seo company
  18. what is digital marketing
  19. b2b marketing
  20. marketing online
  21. marketing agency
  22. social marketing
  23. marketing research
  24. web marketing
  25. online advertising

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