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Backlink Write For Us

Backlink Write For Us – A backlink is a reference of a domain to another domain, clickable by users, who can then use it to reach the connected domain. Backlinks are an important ranking factor for Google.

Types of backlinks

When it comes to backlinks it doesn’t matter what the link exactly shows. In Online Marketing, however, it makes sense to divide the links that lead to internal pages of the domain and those that instead lead to other domains.

Internal links

Internal links are all those links that connect a page of the domain to another page of the same domain.

So when you link between two pages on the same domain, it’s an internal link. An example in our case would be a link to another “Ask SISTRIX” article, such as  SEO Basics: Internal Link Optimization . That would then be an internal link.

External links

External links are all those links that connect a page of one domain to a page of a second domain.

When you link content from other sites, i.e. from domain A to domain B, external links are created. It does not matter if the two pages have the same name, as long as it is another Top Level Domain (TLD) the link will be external

Evaluation of the relevance of the sites through the links

From the beginning Google has considered backlinks a sign of trust between domains, and it is precisely this characteristic that has made it the most powerful and relevant search engine. The famous PageRank, which was the basis of the Google search algorithm, took into consideration the links between the pages in the network and evaluated if they could increase the reliability of the corresponding sites.

Even today, Google uses an internal PageRank, much more efficient than the evaluation related to the PageRank Patent , but which is still based on links.

For this reason, backlinks are still one of the most important ranking factors for Google.

Quality rather than quantity

Backlinks are relevant for evaluating the quality of a site: the quality of the links therefore becomes much more significant than their quantity . The quality of a link is defined by search engines according to a series of characteristics. In this way we try to avoid that the sites get better rankings simply through the purchase of backlinks, without having valuable content.

In the past (before 2012) it was relatively easy to advance poor quality pages in search engines by purchasing cheap links for your domain. Google worked for a long time to create a weapon against this “Linkspam”, arriving, in 2012, the algorithmic solution called Penguin Update . This update has been perfected over the years, so much so that nowadays it is able to recognize most of the purchased links and automatically devalue them.

When it comes to Link Building, it is important to keep in mind that the purchase of backlinks has been banned by Google in the Webmaster Guidelines . But remember that Link Buidling is not based only on this: to find out more about this topic, read our article: What is link building?  – spoiler: it is a difficult, expensive and nerve-wracking practice .

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