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Business Write for UsBusiness Write for Us – A business is an economic activity that offers benefits thanks to the provision of services and/or purchase/sale of assets/products. Therefore, the objective of any business will be to obtain an economic return, that is, a profit.

Types of business

Currently, we can talk about two types of businesses that can also be combined:

  • Physical businesses: these are the models that follow a traditional structure in which the provision of services or the marketing of products is carried out from a physical location or building.
  • Digital business : today it is the model that offers more business opportunities since practically anything can be bought and/or sold on the internet. For example, some of the most popular digital businesses are Gamer, Blogger, Community managers or Instagram.

Types of business According to Activity

Retail businesses: they are in charge of offering final consumers the goods and/or services. Such as a clothing store.

Wholesale Businesses: Buy items in bulk to sell to retail companies. It could be said that they are a kind of intermediary. They store their products in department stores.

Service businesses: they do not work with processed products or raw materials, they only offer a service to consumers. For example a transport company.

Extraction businesses: they are in charge of extracting the raw materials that are needed to make products. Like for example a mine.

Product Businesses: They turn raw materials into finished products. For example a cookie factory.

International business

If a business model deals with suppliers and/or consumers from other countries (regardless of whether they are inside or outside the European Union), it is called international business.

The transactions carried out by these companies are called exports or imports. In Spain, this type of business follows special legislation that, for example, indicates the VAT rate that is applied to an export/import.

Depending on international treaties and relations between countries (eg GATT) there may be a duty to pay or transactions may be tax-exempt.

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