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Lead Generation Write For UsLead Generation Write for Us – The term lead generation or lead generation describes the process of customer acquisition and the measures that lead potential customers or leads to show interest in a product or service. A lead is considered to be a data record that the interested party voluntarily makes available to the company. Lead generation can be part of both B2C and B2B marketing . However, it is not limited to individual methods or strategies.

The acquisition of new clients comprises very different approaches and practices, which can be classified according to the means used, the pull and push principles, or the focus on quantity or quality. They can be grouped as lead management.

General Information

Dialogue marketing is the classic approach to lead generation. Customers are contacted by various means to obtain a response, for example in the form of an order with which the customer also provides their contact details for later use.

Changes through Electronic Commerce

The development of electronic commerce has changed the possibilities of generating leads. The potential customer can still be contacted directly, but more and more attempts are being made to get potential customers through indirect methods. Inbound marketing and permission marketing are good examples of this.

Objective of Lead Generation

The goal of lead generation is not simply to get a potential customer in the form of a data record, like in a giveaway. The real goal is to get a new customer who is interested in product X or service Y, and is “sell-ready.” It is a qualified lead (qualified lead), who will most likely become a new client because he has a specific motivation and does not want to earn anything.

Types of Lead Generation

A lead is determined by the strategic orientation of a campaign.

  • Is the goal to generate a high number of leads or should only certain leads be generated (quantity vs. quality)?
  • Through what channels does the company receive the leads it is looking for (decision on the medium / channel)?
  • How is the campaign set up and implemented (push vs pull)?

These questions should be answered before lead generation begins, as it can help save company resources. The answers to these questions depend, in most cases, on the type of industry and companies.

The basic types of lead generation are as follows:

  • Outdoors/ outdoor: Fairs, promotions, raffles or collaborations in events can generate leads.
  • Telephone: Call centers can receive incoming calls and interest potential customers in a specific topic. Outgoing calls are also possible. Keep in mind, however, the legal regulations for cold calls.
  • Online: websites , emails, newsletters, reports, webinars, landing pages , social networks , blogs , downloads or online magazines can create leads. Search engine optimization and SEO marketing can also support new customer acquisition. The possibilities on the Internet are very diverse.
  • Print media: Magazine ads with discount coupons or direct mail letters with reply letters can generate leads.

Incentives are used in many types of lead generation in order to motivate leads. They can be special offers, discounts or free trials. Legal aspects must also be observed for some types of lead generation. For example, there should be an opt-out option for newsletters, and data transfer in a web form should have an opt-out button. The customer must explicitly consent to special types of leads before the company can generate a data record. A double opt-in is the usual procedure.

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