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Marketing Write for UsMarketing Write for Us – Marketing refers to the system by which the behavior of markets and consumers is analyzed to then identify the needs and desires of the target market, with the main objective of capturing and retaining customers through the satisfaction of needs. of them, thus obtaining a monetary benefit for the company, this is considered vital when wanting to achieve success in a given market since it can anticipate market requirements, developing new products that make daily life easier .

Types of Marketing

As with other terms, marketing has its own types and each of them will be explained below.

Social Marketing

Applies commercial mkt techniques in the study, approach, execution, and evaluation of programs designed to generate influence on the voluntary behavior of the target audience, in order to improve their social well-being and that of their community. It is characterized by its constant process and because it focuses on the recipient.

Commercial Marketing

Its purpose is to sell products or services , thereby obtaining an economic benefit. Its objective is to determine the unsatisfied needs of the consumer, to create the offer that produces sufficient income that can cover the costs and profits, with the purpose that the companies develop in a competitive and free market environment. Here the application of network marketing is feasible, however, some merchants prefer to have the help of a marketing agency to have more security.

Industrial Marketing

It is a class of business marketing characterized by the type of market and product to which the basic principles of mkt are applied, since its sector or field of work is industrial, market strategies must be aimed at highlighting the technical benefits of the product in relation to its sale price.

International Marketing

This covers all those strategies that can be applied in different cultures, its goal is to publicize the inequalities of the environments in which companies move through different international territories, with strategies oriented towards the globalization of products in international markets.

Banking Marketing

It is the one that deals with the study, planning, control and coordination, between the various departments within the banking entity, as well as the strategies directed towards current and potential markets, in order to satisfy the needs of the users.

Marketing of Services

Services are those intangible actions that fulfill the function of satisfying the need of a certain client. This is a branch of marketing, which is characterized by adapting some of its strategies to the characteristics of the services, which are, intangibility, variability and perishable nature. That is why for this aspect, this will be your center of supply to the market .

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