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Content Marketing Write for us.Content Marketing Write for us – The Content marketing is a marketing technique that consists of creating and disseminating relevant content to current and potential customers, with the aim of attracting them to the brand, increasing engagement and, ultimately, boosting conversions .

Content marketing is one of the most important techniques of Inbound Marketing , and is part of the attraction phase . With content marketing, the brand tries to be relevant to the user by offering him exactly what he wants, needs or finds interesting .

Content marketing must be differentiated from content strategy , which would be the implementation of the content marketing plan.

In content marketing, we establish an overall strategy to get people to talk about, share and spread our content and increase attraction and engagement . In the content strategy, on the other hand, we bring the marketing plan down to reality : we define what topics we are going to talk about and in what format, and we define the tone, point of view and ideas that we are going to share in order to be relevant.

Content Marketing: Features

There are many types of content that we can generate and distribute within a content marketing strategy, but all of them must share 3 characteristics :

  • Relevance : the content has to deal with topics that are interesting to users, resolve doubts or are aligned with what they want or need.
  • Opportunity : the content must be published and disseminated at the right time and place, and in this sense it is important to understand when and where the audience interested in our content is most active.
  • Coherence : our content must be consistent with our brand, our values, and our tone of communication.

Content marketing: types of content

As we said above, there are many types of content that can be part of a content marketing strategy. The most common are:

  • Blog posts
  • Newsletters and email marketing campaigns
  • Social Media Posts
  • Digital products: eBooks, white papers, infographics…
  • Videos (and the like, like Vine loops or animated GIFs)
  • Podcasts

Some of these contents are necessarily linked to others. For example, the most common, economical and easiest way to spread the contents of our blog is through social networks. Thus, a content X (blog post) becomes a content Y (publication of status in social networks).

Content marketing: what is it for?

Content marketing is a great way to reach out and attract the audience that is most likely to become your customer in the 2.0 world. It encompasses a group of non-intrusive marketing techniques, the so-called pull or Pull Marketing techniques , and in this sense it is much more respectful of the customer, since it puts their needs at the center of the brand’s actions.

How can content marketing help you?

  • It can increase the value of your brand : by creating relevant content, users will begin to value your brand much more and your reputation will improve.
  • It helps you to be more relevant : you produce relevant content for the audience that is interested, without disturbing those who are not interested, as the push techniques more typical of Outbound Marketing do .
  • Boost the engagement of your audience : your contact with them is permanent (or almost), so their engagement and interaction with you will increase exponentially over time.
  • It allows you to gain credibility : the content allows you to show your expertise and your services without “selling the bike”, in a much more modest and honest way than the usual advertising.

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