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Finance Write For Us

Finance Write for Us

Finance Write For Us – Finance encourages full understanding to understand and act in the most appropriate way in those areas that involve the management of capital and money. It provides an entrance to a path of opportunities, where the different economic entities can benefit from the virtues that finance possesses and offers.

Finance Definition

Finance is a branch of economics that studies the management of money and capital of any economic agent (State, company, family or individual person). It analyzes the risks involved in the exchange of these financial resources between these economic entities.

The objective of finances is to achieve a correct management of money and capital to achieve good control of its resources and achieve the goals proposed at the state, business, family or individual level.

It studies the actions of saving, investment and spending to generate profits , taking into account all the variables that intervene in these financial decisions.

These financial resources can be money, stocks , bonds, and capital goods.

Types of Finance

Public Finances

Public finances are responsible for managing the economic resources of a State, taking into account the following variables: GDP, investment, deficit and surplus.

In addition, it takes into account the investments , taxes and expenses of public workers to assess their impact on the public economy.

The goal is to manage your resources correctly to meet statewide goals.

Private Finance

Private finances are responsible for managing financial resources at a personal level. The money and capital used to optimize your finances can come from the individual or from the family. In other words, despite the detail that your planning consists of the correct management of money on a personal level, part of the source of your money may come from family money.

Private finances consider the following variables: personal savings, retirement plan, personal loans, investments, and tax administration.

International Finances

International finances are those that study the economy between 2 or more countries. Analyzes the financial variables that intervene at the international level to evaluate the economy of countries with economic relations.

It takes into consideration: the international monetary system, global financial system, foreign investment, balance of payments, exchange rates.

Corporate Finance

Corporate finance is responsible for analyzing the business variables that intervene in corporate areas. The objective is to make the best decisions to increase the value of the company and, with it, that of the shareholders.

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