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Video Marketing Write For UsVideo Marketing Write For Us – Video marketing is a technique use by companies, brands, institutions or professionals to promote their products or services through the use of content in audiovisual format.

This online marketing strategy has incredible potential thanks to the growing use of smartphones to consume information and to platforms such as YouTube, which is use daily by millions of users.

But what is the key to this phenomenon? Internet . The network of networks has transformed those videos that once would have been one-way (such as television commercials) into much more than that. The video has become:

  • Interactive – People react to videos, “like” them, share them, leave comments, and even engage in conversation with other users.
  • Measurable : Its impact can be easily calculate through reports .
  • Viral : Thanks to various social platforms and through tools such as email marketing, the reach of each video can be quickly increase, obtaining millions of visits in a matter of minutes.

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