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Ecommerce marketing write for us Ecommerce marketing Guest Blog submission

Ecommerce marketing write for us Ecommerce marketing Guest Blog submission

Ecommerce marketing write for us: Therefore, e-commerce marketing is a method of promoting a business that sells its products or services over the Internet. However, the goals of Ecommerce marketing are to drive traffic to the online store, convert visitors into paying customers and retain them after a purchase.

Through these tools, your customers will be able to have greater access to the products and/or services you offer regardless of where and when they are.

Advantages of an e-commerce marketing

1. It breaks down geographical boundaries, allows you to address a global market thus expanding the base of potential customers.

2. It is always open, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Consumers can shop wherever they are, at any time of day, with the convenience of home delivery.

3. It offers competitive prices. The opening of an e-commerce allows the direct sale of products at reduced prices because it reduces the costs associated with distribution through intermediaries and therefore guarantees greater revenues.

4. Combining e-commerce with the stores already present in the area allows you to  increase the sales of physical stores , in particular from an  omnichannel perspective , i.e. integration between online and offline sales channels.

5. It allows to  track the behavior of visitors  on the site, such as the number of visits, the geographical origin, the time spent, the pages visited, the purchases made, and to  profile customers by  collecting a large amount of data useful for the sale

Disadvantages of an e-commerce marketing

1. Increase in direct competition. If with e-commerce you access a larger market and increase the share of potential customers, competitors also increase exponentially. Obtaining the necessary online visibility within the sector is therefore neither easy nor obvious.

Acquiring new customers is possible, but only with the right  SEO  and  Inbound Marketing strategy to bring visitors to your site, and above all by providing a budget for advertising campaigns on  Google AdWords and  Social Networks .

2. Lack of physical contact with the product. In the online shop, the customer cannot touch the product or try it on. Hence the importance of copywriting and photo shooting, which must be inviting and persuasive to encourage customers to purchase. Product descriptions must be exhaustive and provide all technical specifications; the photos must be of good quality and show the product from different points of view.

3. The absence of sales staff. In the online store, customers generally buy independently, or rather in total solitude, without the company being able to advise, suggest and guide the user in the purchase process.

For this reason, it is essential to have live chat, a tool that has now become indispensable for e-commerce because it provides immediate help to customers, both in terms of navigability and usability of the site, as well as pre and post-sales support.

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4. Lack of trust is another drawback. Customers, especially in Italy, have little confidence in e-commerce sites, in particular in online payment tools.

Also in this case the presence of live-chat support on the site is of fundamental importance so that the customer feels followed step by step, safer and therefore more inclined to purchase.

Another element that positively affects the propensity to buy is the presence of customer feedback. Being able to read the opinions of customers who have already purchased on the site significantly increases trust in the selling company.

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Ecommerce Marketing


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