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SEO Write for UsSEO Write for Us – SEO or Search Engine Optimization are the set of practices aimed at optimizing web content with the aim of improving organic positioning in search engines such as Google. The SEO works on technical aspects such as optimizing the structure and metadata of a website, but it is also applied at the content level, with the aim of making it more useful and relevant to users.

In SEO all actions count and that is why when we explain what SEO is and how it works, at the end of the day they are digital tactics under a great positioning strategy in order to make your website more “relevant” to the users. Google eyes.

With SEO, digital strategies can be approached with a new perspective, so that users and potential customers find us more easily on Google. But if you still have doubts about this methodology, ask yourself how many times you used the search engine of your web browser to find something you needed, from just information, to your next purchase for the home.

Why is SEO important?

Today it is unthinkable to conceive a marketing strategy without considering the digital aspect. At SEOlogy we do not think of a digital marketing strategy as such, but of a marketing strategy in a digital context.

Think about the last time you searched the internet for a generic term like “sushi delivery”. You probably clicked on the first 3 Google results and hopefully saw the next ones from the first search results page (SERP). Now think the same but with a search for your business… if your client does not find you among the first results, you do not exist for them. It’s that easy.

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