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Real Estate Write for Us

Real Estate Write for Us

Real Estate Write for Us – A property is a property that cannot be transport from one place to another due to its characteristics. Thus, that its relocation would mean its destruction or some deterioration, since it is part of the earth.

Therefore the property is characterize by its fixed position, that is, it remains immobile in the place assigned by nature. It would be noted that these properties are also known as real estate. Land, buildings, constructions or mines are some examples considered real estate.

Types of properties

We can divide the properties into two main types:

  • Real estate by its nature : This category includes all those assets inherent to the land.
  • Real estate by incorporation : In this classification are the buildings or roads that were under construction.
  • Properties by purpose: This classification refers to the assets that the landowner has placed there for their use. Examples include machinery on land intended for the owner’s exploitation or fertilizers intended for the cultivation of that land. In short, when we talk about properties by destination, we refer to properties that are added to furniture. To understand this, it would also be the case of a house that has built-in doors and wardrobes, in this case the doors and wardrobes would be immovable by destination, being personal assets added to a property, which in this case is housing.
  • Real estate by analogy : This section includes administrative facilities, such as mortgage relief.

Finally, another of the characteristics of real estate is that of being the subject of a transaction in the real estate market. For example, you can negotiate with land, buildings, houses, premises, etc. Therefore, they are an investment alternative.

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