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Email Marketing Write for Us

Email Marketing Write for Us

Email Marketing Write for Us – Email is one of the utmost used means of communication in the context of private and professional relationships. Thanks to its diffusion and its convenience, in recent years it has also been able to establish itself as an effective marketing tool , an indispensable support for companies capable of fully exploiting its potential.

Email marketing , often thought of as the simple online transposition of paper direct marketing , actually represents the gateway to the infinite opportunities offered by the web in the field of digital marketing. A DEM (Direct Email Marketing) campaign allows you to communicate quickly and extremely personalized with customers, actual or potential, offering them targeted messages tailored to their needs. This makes it easier to bring new leads to life and fosters loyalty processes.

Building such an individual relationship with your prospects can seem expensive, in terms of time and resources. The truth is that this activity is just one of the processes that can be activated by relying on a marketing automation software , to make the entire workflow fast and efficient, automating the most repetitive tasks. Like, in fact, the sending of emails.

Let’s now analyze in more detail the advantages and characteristics of email marketing.


Among the positives of email as a marketing tool we can highlight:

  • The speed

It allows you to get in touch with numerous customers or prospects at the same time, with a simple click.

  • The reduced costs

Implementing a software for marketing automation has an initial cost, which however is soon repaid by the effectiveness of the tool. In any case, it is less expensive if compared with other more “traditional” methods.

  • The segmentation

The ability to send personalized emails to customers (or groups of customers) with different characteristics allows you to better target the target.

Holistic approach

Many companies often underestimate the importance of the concept of “personalization” , one of the hallmarks of email marketing, as well as the characteristic that determines its success. Sending massive and undifferentiated messages with a high promotional content means losing the opportunity to establish a real relationship with customers and gain their trust.

Email marketing should be framed in a holistic approach , which pushes contacts to read up on the company’s activities, arousing a keen interest and not an annoying reaction in front of yet another spam message. For this , emails need to be complement by other efforts, such as SEO techniques , content creation, the use of social media and effective Call-To-Action .

Let us now consider some elements that are inextricably link to email marketing and that can help us better understand its importance.


Having a solid base of contacts is essential for the success of DEM campaigns . Given the speed with which databases are shrinking (by 22.5% per year according to a research by HubSpot ), it is essential to never stop enriching your contact lists with new names and  email addresses.

In this favor, it is advisable to integrate the email database with those of other systems, collecting data from different communication channels . From social networks , for example, you can get important information regarding the characteristics and habits of your followers. New contacts can also be generated through landing pages , i.e. web pages that require you to fill out a form with visitor data in exchange for an offer of value for him, such as an ebook to download, a presentation, a guide, etc.


What is aimed at when making DEMs is to increase the ROI ( Return on Investment ) , or what is obtained following a specific marketing or sales action. Thanks to modern marketing software it is possible to check how many people receive the mail sent ( delivery rate ). How many of them really open it ( open rate ), and finally how many click on the link ( click-th rough rate ) that leads, for example, to the sales page of the site.

By observing this data, each company can accurately identify the ROI for each email marketing campaign carried out.

Marketing Funnel

This term means the path that, through various stages, leads a simple visitor to the site to become a real customer, in turn the promoter of the company. In order for this step to take place, Inbound Marketing recommends using emails as a tool for interacting with potential consumers . With this and other means (such as blogs and social networks). The company carries out a lead nurturing activity , which consists in “cultivating” the prospect to retain them.

The content of the emails must be adapte to the stage of the funnel the user is in. Better to avoid promoting the purchase of your own products or services if a visitor has just become a lead . On the contrary, there will come a time when the now “hot” lead will be ready to buy and will need a personalized offer that motivates him to buy.

By setting up an adequate workflow during the construction phase of the  campaign. It is possible to ensure that all these emails are sent to the right recipient , at the most suitable time. Marketing automation is the most precious ally in the structuring of successful DEM.

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