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Best Social Media Platforms To Promote Your Business

Best Social Media Platforms To Promote Your Business

The advent of social media is no less than a boon to small and micro-businesses. It has thoroughly transformed the scale of projection of goods and services for good.

Through Social Media,  businesses could work to develop their brand voice, view the efforts of competition, and foster customer engagement.

Therefore it could be said that social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, Twitter, and LinkedIn have leveraged business in general.

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The following article goes on to study the efficacy of Social Media in promoting business growth.

Social Media Platforms: How It Helps Businesses Grow

Social Media Platforms are extremely beneficial in understanding the needs of the present business. Actually social media was meant to connect people.

But the way it transformed into a business platform is amazing and awe-inspiring. There are different ways in which Social Media helps businesses to grow.

  1. Through Social Media you could help your business attract a wide range of customers irrespective of age and Sex.
  2. Social Media platforms help businesses to do market research and reduce the cost of Markets.
  3. The businesses could establish better networks among people and turn their prospective customers into final buyers.
  4. Brand Development is an integral part of business and Social Media Tools are used to develop a brand identity.
  5. Through Social Media Platforms reciprocation of business ideals could be made to improve the way business needs to be done.
  6. An entrepreneur could be able to recruit skilled staff through networking sites like Linkedin.

Best Social Media Platforms For Doing Business 

There are many Social media platforms that could be leveraged to do business. These platforms over the years have turned out to be tried and tested to serve the need of the hour.

The best according to me is described here in the article. Others’ opinions could vary.

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Facebook is undoubtedly the biggest social media platform that is reported to have more than 1 billion active users each and every day. Therefore, the reach of this platform can not be questioned.

It has turned out to be a great place to interact with Clients. Different Companies are using Facebook to network and serve the needs of their dedicated customers.

Businesses could get massive audience reach. Any campaign on Facebook would be highly beneficial.

Using Facebook Targeted Advertising could be done. Facebook has highly Powerful Analytics through which the present condition of business could be inferred.

2. YouTube

A billion hours of video have been watched every single day. YouTube has a lot of business tutorials on any sector.

Small businesses are highly benefited from the videos uploaded by some entities. The person or entrepreneur who uploads its products directly reaches its dedicated or wider customers.

Fully edited videos allow buyers a comprehensive understanding of business products and services.


Presently Whats app has far more monthly active users compared to that Facebook Messenger.

This is a message-based App through which an individual could post Text, Audio, or Video content meant for its target people. Using this app the owner would be able to personalize the business.

This is because under this the conversation between the buyer and seller could be carried out through both ends encrypted messages.

4. Instagram

Instagram has gone close to gaining overnight success. It earned over a million users within two months of its launch.

There are some in-build benefits that Instagram provides. Firstly the visual aspects are highly appealing. Due to its innate feature, it is more appealing to the younger generation.

Lastly, it is created mainly for Mobile phone users. All these benefits make Instagram perfect for business.

By using Instafinsta it can make easy to grow your business very high


LinkedIn is one of the kind business app that is used mainly for networking. This generally acts as a networking tool. This is exclusively built for professionals.

This has acted to revolutionize and professionalize the outlook of the customers.

One thing that needs to be kept in mind is that you are going to get partners and not customers.

This falls under the  Category of B2B (business to business) and not B2C (business to Customers). Linkedin has over a 65million active users. The setup makes it easier to recruit talent in the business.


All the Social Media Platforms have certain commonalities within them. But they are greatly exclusive and they have their own unique features.

These social media platforms initiated with people to people contact but were greatly leveraged for business development later on with the passage of time.

Thus, the availability of so many social media platforms helps provide a far greater reach to the budding business professionals of Tomorrow.

Review Best Social Media Platforms To Promote Your Business.

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