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Marketing Agency Write For Us

Marketing Agency Write For Us

Marketing Agency Write For Us – When talking about a marketing agency, many people are not very  clear about what their role is.  Today we will try to clarify what its main functions are and what differentiates it from advertising agencies.

What is a marketing agency

Marketing agencies are companies whose function is to provide advisory services and external support to other companies, organizations or even individuals in relation to the planning, implementation and control of marketing activities: they must carry out market research, analyze opportunities and threats , grow marketing plans , design marketing tactics, taking control and monitoring the actions carried out.

It is in charge of creating strategies, disseminating messages, listening and responding to improve the dissemination and perception of brands, companies or people through the contribution of individuals. With the emergence of the Net and the digital world, they must also align with business objectives , create content on these platforms for interaction and conversation with the potential buyer or target audience.

Differences between a marketing agency and an advertise agency

Knowing that it is a marketing agency, we can clearly differentiate it from an advertising agency: in an advertising agency, the primary objective is to publicize a product, service or company, through communication channels, whether traditional (television, radio, press). …) or through online networks such as the web, blogs, forums, etc., they position a product or service so that the potential buyer retains it in mind.

On the other hand, a marketing agency  works in a more global way, marking the steps to be followed by the advertising agency to carry out a campaign, since it outlines the strategies , the action plans that indicate which are the most suitable channels, the message to transmit, segments potential clients into groups and defines them to send a suitable communication to each of them. Once the movement has been launched, the marketing agency carries out an analysis of the results obtained with which to feed the action again and improve the points that have failed.

In any case, the marketing agency is also involved in other processes, such as distribution, price or definition of the product in many cases, that is, the 4P’s of marketing (product, price, promotion, placement), therefore that gives a more global response to customers than the mere presentation of a product to its public.

That is, a marketing agency does a broader job than the advertising agency. Advertising agencies are the perfect allies for companies that already have a marketing department or a marketing director, and marketing agencies are the perfect allies for small and medium-sized companies that want to evolve and do things well but lack a department. or marketing director performing such functions.

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