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4 Trending Products That Fashion E-Tailers Should Be Stocking Up On This Season

4 Trending Products That Fashion E-Tailers Should Be Stocking Up On This Season

The market for fashion e-commerce is at an all-time high and is only growing from this point on. In addition to the vast number of fashion e-retailers, we see a growth in complementary technologies such as virtual clothing try on, apps that suggest the most appropriate clothing size according to your measurements, and virtual clothing apps that help ulu mix and match what’s already in your closet. 

A lot of online fashion retailers tend to fail in their business because they simply lack the forward-thinking sense that is required in the fashion business and fail to stock what their customers want. If you are an online fashion retailer hoping to fly off and grow your business, given below are four trending products that you need to be stocking up on this season:

1. Fanny Packs

Fanny packs are the it-accessory this season. Everyone from Pete Davidson to Winnie Harlow is rocking a fanny pack, and your customers shouldn’t be feeling left out. Customers are on the lookout for trendy and convenient fanny packs that can be dressed up or down, for both casual and street-style. Fanny packs add a chic and edgy dimension to your overall look and tremendously help fashion enthusiasts keep up with the latest trends. To add to the above, they are highly convenient and can hold a wallet, a few cards, keys, lipstick, and whatnot.

2. Shapewear

Another trendy piece of clothing this season is shapewear, and fashion retailers from every category are stocking up on them. A new addition to the world of shapewear, thanks to Kim K, is shapewear that you can wear like actual clothes and dresses. Fashion enthusiasts enjoy flaunting curvy and hourglass figures and shapewear helps make that possible to a great extent. Hence, you should too give in to customer demand and stock shapewear in your online store to ensure that customers flock towards your digital shelves.

3. Mini bags

While larger-than-life totes have dominated the fashion scene in the previous years, this year and many more to come are all about mini bags. Pioneered by Jacquemus, mini bags have become all the rage this season, and customers are on the lookout for trendy shapes and colors for both casual and dressy looks. Mini bags have also gained popularity with multiple brands creating micro mini versions of their older and classic styles such as the micro mini Kurt Gieger Kensington. Stock up on mini crossbody bags, modern shapes, and cute pastels to satiate the growing consumer demands.

4. Cushion Slides

Cushion slides are the newest forerunners in the race for ugly-but-trending-shoes. Also known as the pillow slides, the cushion slides have gained popularity from the popular social media app TikTok and customers have flocked to all possible online stores looking for them. Not only can they be worn inside your home, but you can also sport them while running errands or for a casual lunch. These slides have quickly replaced the craze of sneakers, and are here to stay for a couple of years.


If you think running a fashion business is easy, think again. Fashion is one of the most competitive industries and surviving among a large number of successful and notable fashion retailers can be a daunting task. Hence, instead of curating your line, give people what they want and stock up on the latest trends to be relevant, wanted, and successful.

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