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SEO Audit Write for Us – The SEO audit consists of making a detailed and in-depth review of a website with the aim of detecting points for improvement in terms of its natural positioning in SEO search engines.

Through the SEO audit we can identify the factors that we can improve both at the level of onpage and offpage factors for a web page.

The SEO audit is usually one of the first steps we do within a typical SEO campaign. First, the website is thoroughly reviewed and then an action plan is proposed.

In the same way, an SEO consultant or agency cannot apply changes to the web or execute SEO tactics if they have not previously carried out an audit.

A good SEO audit will give us the roadmap to follow in an SEO campaign.

The SEO audit must be personalized according to the following elements:

  • Sector in which the client is located. Web business model.
  • Programming Type . Content manager that uses the web.
  • If it is a new website or a website with time already published.
  • Languages in which the website to be positioned is found.
  • The competition .
  • Budget that we have assigned to the SEO campaign

Study points in an SEO audit

a) Onpage Audit

  • Analysis of the architecture of the website.
  • Analysis of web SEO tagging: title tag, description, friendly urls, Hs hierarchy tags, image tagging, internal linking.
  • The Analysis of broken links, pages that give error 404, internal and external duplicate content.
  • Analysis of the sitemaps files and the robots.txt file.
  • Analysis of the writing of quality SEO content on the target landing pages. Content quality.
  • Website loading speed.
  • Friendly version of the web for mobile.
  • Labeling and architecture in the case of International SEO.
  • Usability analysis and user response.

(b) Offpage Audit

  • Analysis of the current level of authority versus the competition.
  • Current external links profile. Identification of opportunity to obtain additional external links.
  • Identification of toxic links and disavowal of them.

There are specialized SEO tools that do SEO audits for you. According to a checklist of factors, they review the website telling us the points for improvement.

However, the SEO audit is a more traditional job where you have to identify the causes of the errors found and then solve them in the best way.

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