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B2C Sales – Business Relationship, Interaction, and More

B2C Sales – Business Relationship, Interaction, and More

B2C Sales

B2C sales – business-to-consumer sales are defined as businesses or transactions carried out directly between a company and the consumers who are the end-users of its products or services.

Highlights of B2C sales

1) Interaction with average consumers:

  • B2C consumers tend to make purchases based on how a brand creates an emotional connection.
  • Therefore, most B2C communications tend to appeal to the personal wishes and value systems of the consumer.
  • Unlike B2B, B2C sales decisions are usually making by one or two people. When a consumer buys B2C goods like food, cell phones, cars, etc., it is not about what it can do for me, but about how it makes them feel.
  • It is the reason why emotion-driven or emotion-triggering marketing campaigns are commonly executed in the B2C space.
  • Hence, marketing and advertising decision-makers spend most of their budgets on campaigns based on this attribute, from social media to television network ads.

2) Shorter sales cycle:

  • The B2C sales cycle is comparatively much shorter than the B2B sales cycle mainly due to 1-2 decision-makers and secondly due to lower prices.
  • B2C sales rely more on marketing to spread brand awareness and improve product visibility to attract the customer.
  • Due to the transactional nature of the relationship, one does not have to waste time building a relationship with the client.

3) Business relationship:

  • B2C purchases are more likely to be one-time transactions or transactions with more limited time frames.
  • B2C selling is personal, and quite often, the customer has checked the product online and knows which brands to choose.
  • Therefore, a salesperson only has to convince the customer that it is the best for them and that you facilitate their choice.
  • Thus, the business relationship is short, as customer preferences and loyalties may change over some time.

4) Size of the potential customer pool:

  • The size of the potential customer pool in B2C is much larger comparing to B2B. Ex: the number of people who buy mobiles can reach lakhs.
  • Therefore, an aggressive marketing campaign highlighting the features / USPs of a particular mobile phone brand can turn the tide in your favor.
  • People’s buying decision is often influencing by advertising and brand campaigns.
  • Word of mouth and positive reviews also help attract customers for whom buying a particular product is more of an emotional decision.

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