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Why is 12 gauge hollow point is most common?

Why is 12 gauge hollow point is most common?

Many modern hunters do not recognize any caliber other than the 12th.

This led to the fact that the industry concentrated its efforts on the production of 12 gauge hollow point weapons and cartridges: Respectively and this is very sad.

We almost lost the 16th, which not so long ago was much more common than the 12th.

Before the revolution. The 16th was considered more interesting: slightly inferior in the hinge weight of the fraction. It is much more comfortable, and even sharper.

All weapons were made in the 16th caliber. Sometimes others were added, but the 16th was the main one.

Why is 12 gauge hollow point is most common

After the revolution, by inertia, the situation persisted, amateur hunters used the 16th, the pros – 28–32. Almost everyone turned the cartridges on their own.

Slow growth of 12 gauge hollow point began in the 70s, Especially after perestroika, when imported weapons, mainly 12 gauge hollow point and 12 gauge hollow point “magnum”, began to be delivered to us. Since then, this caliber has supplanted all others.

Where did the 12 gauge hollow point & 20 gauge come from?

Paradoxically, we owe the revival of the 20-caliber not to hunters or lovers of correct hunting, but to Izhmash and his not at all a hunting rifle – “Saiga-20”.

It is the appearance of this weapon, or rather its popularity, that we owe to the sharp increase in demand for cartridges of the corresponding caliber. It is doubly surprising that Izhmash made a gun in caliber 20 “magnum”, which spurred the production of the corresponding cartridges.

Today we are witnessing the revival of the 20th caliber, the MP-220 double-barreled gun appeared, followed by the MP-155 semi-automatic in the same caliber. So the fate of this caliber looks rather optimistic.

Future caliber guns

I think the “twenty” will gradually conquer the market, this cartridge is elegant in appearance. It is believed that it is easier to get a sharp shot on it. And with an increase in production the cartridge should become cheaper than the 12th. Moreover, in the “magnum” version, the size of the 20 is close to the usual 12 gauge hollow point.

A similar situation, but with a sad outcome, happened with the 410 caliber. It was never popular in world, 32 and even 36 caliber guns were much more common among us. But with the advent of the Saiga-410 in several modifications, everything changed.

Why is 12 gauge hollow point is most common

Cartridge factories picked up the idea and offered a fairly large assortment of cartridges. But the arms manufacturers did not appreciate the market and did not offer. Perhaps, with the exception of the MP-18, not a single hunting rifle of this caliber.

As a result, interest in him gradually faded away. And with the advent of Lancaster cartridges, apparently, it will disappear altogether.

Final Words

From all that has been said. We can conclude that in the near future . The market will be divided into 12 gauge hollow point and 20 gauges.

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