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What Are The 12 Traditions of na (Narcotics Anonymous) ?

What Are The 12 Traditions of na (Narcotics Anonymous) ?

We retain what we have received in NA only by remaining vigilant. In the 12 traditions of na, we gain personal freedom, and in 12 traditions of na, the freedom of our groups.

As long as what unites us is stronger than what can divide us, everything will be fine.

What is Narcotics

The term ” narcotics ” generally refers to a set of drugs which – alongside the analgesic effect – are also capable of inducing narcosis in the patient. Narcosis is a temporary and reversible state characterized by muscle relaxation, absence of pain perception and deep sleep.

What Are The 12 Traditions of na (Narcotics Anonymous)

12 traditions of na

1: Our common well-being is of the utmost importance; everyone’s personal recovery depends on NA unity.

2: For the fulfillment of our purpose, the group has only one supreme authority – a loving God, in the form in which He can express Himself in our group consciousness. Our leaders are just trusted servants; they do not rule.

3: The only requirementS for membership in NA is a desire to stop using.

4: Each group should be autonomous, but this does not apply to matters affecting other groups or NA as a whole.

5: Each groups has only one main purpose – to carry the message to those addicts who are still suffering.

6: No NA group should ever endorse, fund, or permit the NA name to be used by any similar entity or outside organization, lest issues of money, property, or prestige distract us from our primary purpose.

7: Every NA group should be completely self-sufficient and refuse outside material assistance.

8: Narcotics Anonymous should always remain a non-professional community, but our service bodies may employ qualified professionals.

9: NA, as a community, should never acquire a governance and oversight system, but we can create services or committees that report directly to those they serve.

10 : Narcotics Anonymous has no opinions on non-related issues, so the NA name should never be drawn into public controversy.

11: Our public relation policy is not based on advertising, but on attractiveness; we need to maintain personal anonymity at the media level at all times.

12: Anonymity is the psychic basis of all our 12 traditions of na, constantly reminding us that principles are more important than individuals.

What Are The 12 Traditions of na (Narcotics Anonymous)

Final Words :

We come to understand these 12 traditions of na gradually. Over time, through our fellowship with other NA members and attendance at various group meetings. Usually, only after we begin to engage in ministry, one of us draws attention to the fact that “personal recovery depends on the unity of NA. And that unity depends on how well we follow our 12 traditions of na. 12 traditions of na are non-negotiable. They are the fundamental principles that keep our Community alive and free.

By following these principles in our relationships with other people and society as a whole, we can avoid many troubles. This is not to say that our 12 traditions of na save us from all problems. We will still have to face difficulties as they arise: communication problems, differences of opinion, internal contradictions and troubles in dealing with individuals and groups outside the Community. Nevertheless, if we apply these principles, we manage to get around some pitfalls.

Many of our problems are similar to those faced by our predecessors. Their hard-won experience gave birth to the 12 traditions of na, and our own experience has proven that these principles are as relevant today as they were when they were formulate. Our 12 traditions of na protect us from internal and external forces that can destroy us. Tradition is truly what unites us. They only work when understood and applied in practice.

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