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Town Hall 11 War Base Provisions To Bring The Clan To Victory

Town Hall 11 War Base Provisions To Bring The Clan To Victory

The town hall 11 war base Provisions are the most coveted provisions of Clash of Clans. Not only because they are the bases used in Clan Wars or Leagues. But they are the ones that could lead the entire clan to victory.

There are two sections in the editor part of the village within the game. The section relating to the daily game map and the one dedicated exclusively to Clan Wars.

Town Hall 11 War Base

How To Develop A Village In Clan War Town Hall 11 War Base?

In the section dedicated to wars, you will develop your village to be used exclusively within a Clan War. It is important to make at least one village for these events and never use a single village for all situations.

How To Protect Clan Data In Town Hall 11 War Base

First of all, if you use the village you usually use in the War, an opponent spying on your base, from your Clan data he can easily access your data, visit your profile to find out your base, which the game does not allow. On the contrary, you will use a map from the editor section dedicated to Clan Wars.

The advice is always the same, try to be the author of your arrangement and do not use those you find on the Web, because they could be easily found in search engines, especially in Clan Wars, where your opponents will have well 24 hours of time to attack you and then studying the best your disposal, imagine if the Web had to find just your disposal …

However, if you’ve just moved on to the next level or don’t have the time or ideas to create your layout to use in Clan Wars, here are some of the “Best” [town hall 11 war base] Layouts you can find on the Web, but remember as soon as you get some of the time to create a Layout for the village yourself and do not neglect this detail.

Town Hall 11 War Base Provisions To Bring The Clan To Victory

Town Hall 11 War Base Provisions

Remember, my advice is always not to use this town hall 11 war base Provisions. But to create one yourself from scratch. However, if you do not feel ready for this. Click here and access the section and the video tutorial where I explain the points to be taken into consideration to develop a Layout suitable for Clan Wars.

Always pay attention to one particular; in Clan Wars, do not worry about the deposits of resources, because you will not lose anything when you are attacked, so use these buildings to block the opposing troops’ advance so that your defenses can hit for more time the enemies.

Don’t worry if you can’t make your own disposition because of things; a disposition is always better than nothing. Still, as soon as you can evaluate the importance of this particular, remember that the perfect disposition does not exist. Only using it in the Wars between Clan, you will better understand its weaknesses and consequently improve them over time.

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Review Town Hall 11 War Base Provisions To Bring The Clan To Victory.

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