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Team Up with the Experts in Facebook Ads Management

Team Up with the Experts in Facebook Ads Management

Facebook is the undisputed world leader in social media. And as the world leader, they have a wealth of valuable data on their users that they make available to advertisers on their platform.

To get the most out of the ads you place on Facebook, you should team up with a digital marketing agency that are experts in Facebook ads management. They understand how to use this data in creating the best design, targeting and placement of your brand’s ads.

Complexities of Facebook Advertising

Facebook offers some of the most valuable data to its advertisers because nearly everyone has used Facebook at some point. Five-year-olds to eighty-five-year-olds, Facebook serve the social needs of a vast range of people. It’s what makes the platform a natural magnet for advertisers.

But the users’ sheer amount and demographic range also add to the complexity of using it effectively as an ad platform. To more precisely reach the audience an advertiser’s desired audience, Facebook has created a targeting feature that allows your ad to be targeted by a variety of different criteria.

A brand with an extensive product line may have dozens of targeted ads running on Facebook at any given time.

You can target one product ad in your brand’s product line at men over 40 in Penang who love camping, for instance. And another product can be aimed at young-adult tennis players in Johor.

Facebook also has sorted the ads you can place into five categories, including Image, Video, Carousel, Instant Experience, and Collection. Each of these categories presents products in a unique way that makes it perfect for different types of products and services.

Video ads might be ideal for explaining a new personal financial service in detail, and Carousel ads may be the best way to show a brand’s full line of colourful clothing.

Even bidding on the ad space you want has its complexities. There are three recognised bidding strategies that need to be understood to make the money you spend on Facebook Ads cost-effective – Spend-based bidding, Goal-based bidding, and Manual bidding. Each strategy can deliver different results based on the company’s goals.

Becoming Data-driven

Using the data available on Facebook effectively, your digital marketing agency partner can help you decide which type of ad will be best for different products and which demographic to target specific products to. The data can also help choose the right type of bidding strategy to meet your brand’s goals.

This means there are four variables at work in creating a successful Facebook Ad campaign for each of the products or services you want to promote. And this can be daunting and confusing to a company just entering the highly-competitive Facebook Ads arena.

Primal is an award-winning digital marketing agency in Malaysia with years of experience designing, bidding for, and placing Facebook Ads for our clients. For more information about teaming up with the experts to help your brand succeed in reaching the audience you need to reach, please get in touch with us today and set up a consultation.

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