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Making an Airbnb Marketing Plan

Making an Airbnb Marketing Plan

Getting a good start on sites like Airbnb is half the battle. Why is a smooth start to your Airbnb business so important for long-term success? To begin, Airbnb prefers to highlight quality properties. Airbnb sets this search rating using a secret scoring algorithm that takes into account factors like response rate, whether Instant Book is enabled or not, security deposits, facilities, and more.

Airbnb rewards higher-rated properties. As a result, obtaining a few five-star ratings quickly is critical. Airbnb will keep you at the top of the search results if you can earn these reviews. If you follow our marketing strategy, you should have a relatively smooth sailing experience when you combine that with a quick response time, Instant Book, no cancellations, and no complaints!

Before we begin, we should definitely describe our Airbnb marketing strategy. This method presupposes that you should spend your first 30 or 40 days amassing as many five-star reviews as possible. Airbnb recognizes good hosts, and gaining these early ratings means you’re off to the best possible start on your Airbnb trip!

Airbnb Marketing Plan for Improved Listing Results

1. Complete your full listing and host profile.

Complete all areas of your listing and host profiles as the first step toward a successful Airbnb launch. No fields should be left blank. Include a profile in your host profile, as well as a bio expressing why you’re such a terrific host and how excited you are to welcome people into your house!

2. Verify your account with a government-issued ID.

Airbnb recognizes consistent hosts and visitors. Verify your account so that Airbnb knows who you are. If there are any issues, they will be able to contact you using your verified contact information. This step may not appear to be vital to you, but it is, and we cannot emphasize it enough.

3. Create a list of all your facilities.

Make certain that everything in your listing, no matter how insignificant, is listed on your listing page. We mean shampoo, conditioner, dishwashing supplies, toaster, kettle, coffee maker, and so forth. The more you have, the more alternatives you have for appealing to different types of visitors! Once your item is live, you may start customizing it to attract your ideal guests. Initially, though, it is better to broaden your appeal and try for as many bookings as possible.

4. Enable Instant Book

Airbnb’s Instant Book is a fantastic concept that allows things to move more quickly on the platform. Rather than waiting for a host to react, guests can reserve an Instant Book listing. This means that if they meet the requirements, they won’t have to wait for the host to accept their request; instead, Airbnb will execute your booking right away.

5. Make use of the ‘First Three’ Discount.

Airbnb allows owners to enable the ‘first three’ discount for new listings. This enables the host to offer a 20% discount on their total booking price to the first three visitors who book their listing. Enabling this deal will boost your listing’s visibility in Airbnb’s search results, which is always a good thing.

6. Reasonable price

Pricing is another skill you’ll need to master if you want to properly publish your new listing. Most of our hosts follow the same pricing strategy: DPGO dynamic pricing. DPGO is designed to find the best price at the best time in the best market.

If you want to try dynamic pricing but only after your listing is live, we recommend searching your local area for similar listings and then undercutting their prices by 20%.

Establish stay limits and calendar openings.

To make this method work, you must set stay limits to ensure that you can get as many visitors into your list as possible within the 30 or 40-day timeframe. The more guests you can accommodate during this time, the more reviews you’ll receive and the higher you’ll rank in Airbnb search results.

To prevent dealing with one-day bookings, set your minimum stay to two nights. Usual your maximum stay to 7 days to avoid a single person from reserving the entire month at a costly charge.

You’ll be off to a better start than most when establishing your new Airbnb marketing strategy!

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