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The Truth About How to Increase Your Instagram Following

The Truth About How to Increase Your Instagram Following

There are countless blogs teaching about how to increase Instagram followers. Most of them are paid by some service that lets you buy the desired number of likes, comments, and followers. And, almost all of such services are either scams or provide inorganic traffic.

So, buying Instagram followers from such websites and social services should not be your option. When doing so from the wrong site or agency, this could waste your money or even result in your account getting banned.

If you are wondering the real ways of getting more Instagram, we have got it covered. So, let’s look at the truth about how to increase your Instagram following.

The Real and Effective Ways to Increase Your Instagram Following

  • Post More Often

Whether you are an individual content creator or a large business, your consistency matters the most. The niche of your content does not matter either. If you are not regular with your posts, you will not gain any followers.

If you are already in a high place in terms of following, then irregular posting can bring you down. People like to follow those influencers who give them content regularly. That is why you will see that some of the most followed influencers upload more than once.

This does not apply to regular posting only. You should also make the best of Instagram stories. Save some content daily to use in your stories. It will attract more people as it shows you are active on the platform.

  • Create Engaging Content

Instagram’s algorithm works in such a way that it promotes engaging content. Regardless of your followers, if your post has more engagement, it will show up to more people.

The platform allows you to make engaging content via stories as well. You can ask questions and answer them. It is also a great way of interacting with your audience. Plus, it shows people that you care about your followers. You can also conduct polls, reviews, etc.

Instagram’s recently added feature, Reels, also lets you connect with more people. It works like TikTok in a way. It means that you can create short videos from 30 seconds to a lengthy 30-minute video.

Another similarity with TikTok is that Reels can get you viral quickly. It means that your videos will have more chances to reach out to a larger audience. Thus, getting you more followers in the longer run.

  • Using Hashtags

Hashtags are the game-changers on Instagram. However, that is only when used correctly. The right way of using them requires research. Here’s how to do it step by step.

First, search tags on Instagram related to your niche. Let’s consider #fashion, for example. When you search it, you will find other tags, such as #fashionblog, #fashiontrends, #fashionnew, etc.

You will also see the number of posts dedicated to each hashtag. Note down the most popular ones on a list. Now, use them with your posts.

Note that using the same tags with every upload will not help you rank your account. Try to be flexible and use different ones with all new posts.

You can also find variations of one hashtag. Sometimes, the spelling is a bit wrong, but it has a large number of posts. You can also incorporate them in your uploads.

You can also find various tools online to help you with this job. However, it is recommended to do it yourself. That is because it is more accurate and helps you learn.

There is another factor in hashtags. Do not use generic tags, like #likeforlike or #follow4follow, at any cost. They only attract temporary followers or bots. Also, they only spam comments that do not look good on a profile.

Using hashtags like this will surely have a significant impact on your following.

  • Promoting Your Insta Account Everywhere

Promoting your Instagram account on other Social Media platforms is very helpful. Your friends and followers on Facebook, Twitter, Tiktok, etc., are often not following you on Insta.

Showcasing your account everywhere will help you reach out to more people on other platforms as well. Note that you should try smart and subtle methods to do it.

For instance, Facebook stories now allow you to integrate links with them. Plus, you can post content that is exclusively available on your Insta and share a link with it. It will attract more people if your account seems interesting to them. Either way, it is beneficial in increasing your following.

  • Time Your Posts

Scheduling uploads is often overlooked. People do not think it is very important to gain followers. However, it has a considerable effect.

Every audience is different. Hence, their timings of availability also differ. Some influencers usually post at night. That does not mean that the maximum number of users are online during the night. It means most of their followers can see the post at that time.

You have to follow the similar pattern. But, instead of posting at night, try to find your best time. You can do that by observing. Upload one post in the morning, one in the afternoon, and one during the night.

Check which posts got the maximum follower reach in the least period. That is your time for uploading.

You can also verify this uploading again during the exact timing and see if it works. It will also help you plan out your content. You will know what to upload at which time of the day.

  • Make the Most Out of Bio Section

Most people write simple and boring bios. You can get the upper hand by making it more interesting. The best part is that you can even add keywords to it so that it reaches more people.

Try to add more symbols and emojis to make the section visually appealing. Also, integrating links and hashtags will be helpful.


Whether you are running a large business account or an individual creator, these simple ways will help you increase followers.

However, you should not expect it to work like a wonder in 2 days. Keep following this pattern, and you will notice the significant changes soon.

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