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How to Kickstart Your Android Developer Career?

How to Kickstart Your Android Developer Career?

Android is one of the most used mobile operating systems across the globe. According to Statista, nearly 2bn. People worldwide are using Android OS actively on their smartphones.

Considering this, we can assume Android development is a great career for high school graduates. To kickstart your Android development journey, you will need to get the required educational degree and certifications.

After that, you will require an entry level android developer resume to apply for your targeted android developer job. Let us take a look at all the steps required to become an Android developer in 2022:

Get a Bachelor’s Degree in Computer Science

The first thing you need to kickstart your Android Developer resume is a bachelor’s degree in computer science. Hence, we recommend you try entering any of these below-listed computer science schools after graduation to lay the foundation of a prosperous career.

  • Carnegie Mellon University | Pittsburgh, PA
  • Massachusetts Institute of Technology | Cambridge, MA
  • Stanford University | Stanford, CA
  • University of California | Berkeley, CA
  • University of Illinois | Urbana, IL
  • Cornell University | Ithaca, NY
  • University of Washington | Seattle, WA
  • Georgia Institute of Technology | Atlanta, GA
  • Princeton University | Princeton, NJ
  • University of Texas | Austin, TX

Polish Your Coding Skills

To become an Android developer in 2022, you need sharp coding skills. You can try polishing your coding skills from your college days on these below-listed programming languages:

  • Java
  • Kotlin
  • C++
  • C#
  • Python
  • HTML, CSS, JavaScript
  • Dart

Java used to be the official programming language for Android app development that Kotlin has now replaced. Hence, you can learn and polish Kotlin instead of Java to become an Android developer.

Earn a Specialized Certification in Android Development

We advise you to get a specialized certification in Android development from a reliable source during your final year or after graduation. A specialized certification will make your portfolio strong and authenticate your programming skills.

You can opt for any of these certification courses to upgrade your skill set and portfolio as an Android developer:

  • The Complete Android N Developer Course | Udemy
  • Android App Development | Coursera
  • Creating Your First Android App With Kotlin | LinkedIn Learning
  • The Complete Android Oreo Developer Course- Build 23 Apps | Udemy
  • Build Your First Android App (Project-Centered Course) | Coursera
  • Learning Android Security | LinkedIn Learning
  • Android Java Mastercalss- Become an App Developer | Udemy
  • Kotlin for Java Developers | Coursera
  • Android Development Essential Training: Your First App with Kotlin | LinkedIn Learning
  • The Comprehensive Android Development Masterclass | Udemy

Build an Impeccable Android Developer Resume

After graduation and getting certified, you need to build an impressive and professional Android developer resume to apply for an internship. You can add these below-given resume sections to craft your Android developer resume and kickstart your professional journey in 2022:

  • Header
  • Personal Details
  • Resume Summary
  • Key Skills
  • Technical Skills
  • Training/Project Details
  • Education
  • Certifications
  • Volunteer Experience
  • Additional Information

Apply for an Internship

After getting every essential document in hand, you can start applying for internships. You can also directly apply for an Android developer job, but joining as an intern will help you during the initial days. You can find internship opportunities via online job portals like Indeed and Glassdoor.

Get a Full-Time Job

In most cases, people get a full-time job opportunity where they start as an intern. If not, you can use the same job portals to apply for a full-time job. Recruiters prefer candidates with training experience and sharp coding skills for an Android developer job.

Key Takeaways

Getting an entry-level android developer job is not a piece of cake in this highly competitive market. However, these points will help you kickstart your android developer career without much hustle:

  • Get a bachelor’s degree in computer science from a recognized educational institute
  • Learn programming languages used in Android and polish your coding skills
  • Earn a specialized Android development certification to authenticate your knowledge and skills
  • Build a professional Android developer resume to apply for an internship or a job
  • Apply for an internship before applying for a full tie job to learn corporate working
  • Apply for a full-time job and grow as an Android developer

These steps will help you kickstart your Android developer career in 2022. Wishing you the best of luck in your job searching.

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