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Banner Advertising

Banner Advertising Sites – Top 5 Banner Advertising Sites, and More

Banner Advertising Sites – Top 5 Banner Advertising Sites, and More

Banner Advertising Sites

The banner advertising sites – Paid advertising could be very costly if not used wisely. So, it’s continuously better to start safely with a lower budget. Here, spend some time to understand how a particular ad network works. Always analyze the statistics and the quality of the traffic.

If the traffic customary from the banner ads fails to convert into leads, it’s of no use. It will be a general waste of money. So, think wisely and analyze everything.

Keep experimenting and learning the essential things regarding the paid methods of getting premium traffic from banner advertisements and find what advertising is adequate for your business or website in the long run.

Top 5 Banner Advertising Sites to Place Banner Ads

Below given networks or websites offer excellent opportunities to use banner ads for advertising your website, products, business, or company online. Here, you can get unlimited ad impressions depending on your daily budget.

These networks deliver direct or indirect banner advertisement options. If you buy banner ads from the below-mentioned networks, it will help you achieve your content marketing goals.

1. Facebook Advertising Banner Ads

  • Here your website traffic can be increased by adverts done on Facebook. Here the social website has many people visiting and using it every day.
  • Due to many users, if your banner is posted on Facebook, it receives more clicks as they want to know what it is.
  • However, the visits to your websites will proportionately increase because the users who think the information on your website is relevant will go for it.

2. Twitter for Business Advertising

  • The option of getting more traffic on your site is inevitable when you use Twitter for banner advertising.
  • However, you will not feel the pinch of paying for this service since twitter banner ads increase traffic.
  • You only need a free sign-up to the website and prepare an ad that best suits your site. Your banner will get more followers every day once this is your advertising strategy.

3. YouTube Ads Advertising

  • Here Youtube offers several types of video ad placement options to its advertisers. There are an estimated 1 million visits each month on this website.
  • However, paid adverts can be posted and appear before anyone could play a video that they want to on YouTube.
  • The Ads, though, look disturbing; many of the visitors on Youtube always crave to know about the websites being advertised and therefore give them a click.

Your ads are shown in Youtube videos built on the two critical factors:

  • Ads are offered based on the search queries made by their viewers on the Youtube search bar.
  • Ads are displayed based on the interest and behavior of the viewers. There are other factors that Youtube takes into account to find suitable viewers for your ads.

4. Post Banner Ads Free

  • This website lets free signing up for free, and they advertise your website for you. It does not stock whether it is a new website or an existing one with low traffic.
  • This site allows banners of four types; 480 ×60,160×60,728×90 and 300×250.

5. AdWords (now, Google Ads)

  • Commonly known by its search engine, the website can be paid to advertise your website. When Google hosts your website, the banners paid for can be displaying before the users’ search results.
  • Here Google Adwords is one of the top 10 ad networks for paid banner advertising. They show your adverts in their Search Engine Result Pages SERPs. As a ‘sponsored listing’ and on the publisher’s websites that use Google AdSense account.
  • It means the banners receive more clicks and rise the visits recorded on your website every month. It makes your website popular and more income-generating. You could also achieve high ranking of your site using Google Ads automation.

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Review Banner Advertising Sites – Top 5 Banner Advertising Sites, and More.

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