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8 Top Corporate Video Production Melbourne Companies for Your Video Project

8 Top Corporate Video Production Melbourne Companies for Your Video Project

Corporate brand building might benefit significantly from the services of video production companies. A properly filmed and produced video says volumes about the brand.

Fortunately for you, video production Melbourne businesses are among the best in Australia. We have curated a list of Melbourne video production businesses. If you need video production for your business needs, check what each company has to offer below.

1) Dream Engine

Dream Engine Video Production Company is a reputable video production company in Melbourne. The company creates a wide range of videos, including:

  • corporate videos
  • training videos
  • website videos
  • event videos

Dream Engine was founded in 2002. They aim to generate high-quality videos for clients that achieve the targeted goals.

Throughout the years, the organisation has refined and maintained a comprehensive system with excellent quality processes.

They provide a video marketing system that has been fine-tuned over time to help you achieve the best outcomes. They have collaborated with significant corporations, educational institutions, and government agencies.

Dream Engine’s production team will walk you through every stage of the video production process:

  • designing the initial concept
  • filming
  • editing
  • motion graphics
  • effectively sharing your video material

If you are looking for a creative video production company based in Melbourne, you may contact Dream Engine and get a quotation.

2) Monster & Bear

Monster & Bear produces dramatic and highly engaging video productions and brand videos. They built a good reputation within Melbourne and Australian-based businesses and agencies.

Because of their efficient work processes, clients keep coming back for their services. As a result, they have been the go-to Melbourne video production company for corporate brands and television commercials.

3) Indimax

Indimax is a Melbourne-based corporate video production firm. They provide video production, animation, and photography services to individuals and businesses around Australia.

The organisation has been operating since 2003 and has amassed a fantastic clientele. They provide complete corporate video production services to their clients.

Indimax’s services include television commercials, product films, interactive videos, live streaming of business events, testimonials, and much more.

4) MILK Video

MILK is an award-winning video production company with over a decade of expertise in different aspects of advertising.

The company’s adventure has brought them worldwide. They have dealt with various clients, from tiny intimate talking heads to giant budget network television sets.

MILK clearly understands not just what creates a beautiful video but also how to get to the core of your message and market it afterwards.

When it comes to sharing your message and presenting your story, they are indeed a one-stop shop.

5) PurpleMonky

PurpleMonky is a corporate video production company in Melbourne with a digital twist.

Their skilled filmmakers create high-end cinematic videos. They also collaborate with a digital development team to expertly distribute your videos on different platforms.

They provide a full range of creative services, including camera operators, directors, and editors.

PurpleMonky was founded in 2009 by friends who shared a love of movies and creativity.

6) Rockmans Creative Media

Rockmans Creative Media has been in the video production industry for over 18 years. During this period, the firm has accumulated unique expertise in working in the television genre nonstop, which they bring to the table while working on each new job.

They provide customised solutions for every video production need. They have a team of skilled specialists who are experts in their field.

The company’s goal is to use its expertise to create high-quality, engaging video content that produces ROI, is honest, and is relatively cost-effective.

7) Corporate Video Productions (CVP)

Corporate Video Productions has been a market leader in video production in Melbourne for over 30 years.

They create corporate videos, promotional videos, training videos, event coverage, and live streaming videos not only in Melbourne but all over the world.

CVP can send film crews everywhere in Australia. At the same time, pre-production, video production, editing, and mastering are all done at their South Melbourne facility. This setup allows CVP to provide its clients with a complete video solution.

8) Angry Chair

Angry Chair was founded to produce high-quality videos from concept to completed product in a single, seamless process.

They operate with a wide range of clients from various sectors. Even if you have no notion what video content you want, Angry Chair can quickly discuss possibilities and finish a video.

The company concentrates on important production areas to guarantee a flawless experience. Everything is done in-house, from idea to final edit and presentation, under the supervision of production management.

Bottom Line

Video is a vast realm offering different forms of storytelling, themes, and styles. It is truly a credit to each production house’s originality and flair in creating their signature material.

Companies in Melbourne will never run out of options when it comes to video production. Given the numerous tools and equipment accessible, Melbourne video production businesses readily pull off such diversified stories.

Review 8 Top Corporate Video Production Melbourne Companies for Your Video Project.

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