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5 Ways To Expand Your Instagram Audience

5 Ways To Expand Your Instagram Audience

Instagram is a popular social media platform that helps with connection, branding and product sales. Growing an audience on Instagram can sometimes be difficult and may involve a slow process. Even with a lot of effort, growth can occasionally seem to be stagnant. If you have the right knowledge, you can keep your audience growing and have the chance to differentiate yourself from the other users of this platform.

This article provides you with five ways to expand your Instagram audience.

1. Create Quality Content

Create Quality Content


Regardless of the type of content that you create, it needs to be of quality if you are aiming to grow your Instagram audience. If your content is visual, the images must be high resolution in order to achieve high quality. For instance, if you’re marketing your restaurant, the image quality must be such that your audience can imagine themselves enjoying the food and beverages. To do this, you should hire a professional photographer to do the editing, lighting and positioning.

When your audience appreciates the quality of your content, they can help your material go viral by tagging other Instagram users. Once an Instagram user is tagged on your profile, they may decide to follow your profile based on the initial impression. 

Your competitors may also start following you using Earthweb in order to keep up with your progress. 

2. Collaborate

You can also consider collaborating with other Instagram content creators who have a wider following than yours. For example, if you promote skin care products on your profile, you can collaborate with one who creates content about hair care. By creating a content video of your collaboration, you merge the two audiences. As a result, those who didn’t know about your profile may begin following you.

For collaboration to effectively expand your Instagram audience, you have to be strategic about who you collaborate with. Their line of business or operation has to be aligned to yours because you need to reach an audience that shares the same interests in your businesses. 

Your collaboration must also be entertaining or informative enough for the audience to go beyond watching or listening to you in that particular collaboration so they can become followers. Also, consider the other content creator’s brand to determine whether their brand is one that you wish to associate with. It would gather the following that produces positive effects and results on your profile.

3. Be Consistent

Growing an audience on Instagram requires consistency when creating content and posting for your audience. Sometimes, it may seem as if your profile isn’t growing and is being swallowed by other already established profiles. Discouragement can lead to irregular content creation, which directly affects the algorithm from recognizing your content when you upload it. Potential followers may use Insta viewer to decide whether they will follow you, so your content has to be captivating from the get-go.

The more content you post, the more the algorithm favors your profile and uploads on the home page, meaning when Instagram users log in, the platform will suggest that they interact with your content, which leads to the possible following.

Creating a content calendar is one way of producing content consistently. By doing this, you can plan your posts in advance and save time. Additionally, you’ll have time to plan out content that will be distinctive. By following this tip, you won’t be rushed or feel pressured to deliver when you wish to upload content. Utilizing the tools in Instagram will also help you automate your posting schedules.

4. Create Authentic Relationships

When your brand is associated with authenticity, Instagram users who follow your profile may find you relatable, which may lead to them suggesting your profile to others. An audience can tell whether your intention is simply encouraging them to purchase your products or engaging them in your services. Your followers would rather enjoy engaging with content that makes them feel seen and understood than content that makes them feel like it’s just a marketing strategy.

Some ways you can be authentic on your profile include responding to negative and positive comments in a way that is in line with your brand. The more you speak with your audience, the more they are encouraged to participate and invite others to follow your profile, thereby encouraging growth.

5. Give The Audience Content They Enjoy

One of the mistakes that content creators make is creating content that they themselves enjoy rather than content that the audience enjoys. By analyzing performance statistics, you can determine the type of content that draws your audience in. The popular content reaches higher views and engagement, meaning your audience likes that particular content. The more your audience enjoys your content, the more they share it with those they think will equally appreciate your profile.


Some ways you can grow your content include creating enjoyable quality content. Collaborate with content creators with a wider reach than you and be consistent. Remember that the algorithm will recommend a profile with content that is both fun and useful for the Instagram audience.

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