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5 Ways Social Media Can Help Fill Your Family Restaurant

5 Ways Social Media Can Help Fill Your Family Restaurant

5 Ways Social Media Can Help Fill Your Family Restaurant: We’ve all been stuck at home staring at smartphones for the last few years. I think most people probably have a social media addiction, which you can take advantage of to drive customers to your family-run restaurant.

What’s your social media strategy like at the moment? I bet it’s generating you a few likes and shares at best, but that isn’t enough to crush it. Let’s discuss a few good ways to ensure you’re packed every night of the week.

1. Showcase Your Menu

People usually visit restaurants because they want a night out of the house. Don’t wait until they’re ready for a night out. Force them into visiting your restaurant because they can’t stop thinking about a meal they’ve seen.

You’ll need to start posting fantastic photos of your entire menu. Shoot videos of customers receiving their meals too. If your competitors don’t put as much effort into enticing them, you’ll need to install a revolving door.

2. Videos Of Your Chef

Some chefs venture into the dining room while customers are eating, but you don’t usually get to see who is in the kitchen. You definitely don’t see what goes on inside the kitchen, but it’s popular with the public.

Why do you think there are so many celebrity chefs? Start posting videos of your chef making certain dishes, plus let them talk about the food. Once potential customers get to know them, they’ll form an attachment to your restaurant.

3. Delve Into The Business

Would you watch the best private label hot sauce manufacturers in USA showing you around their factory? People want to know where you store your food, how you reward employees, and what’s in the secret room above your office.

Strangers love knowing every little thing about businesses these days, so share it on social media to see what happens. For example, if you told everyone you were almost empty one week they might show you more support.

4. Giving Away Discounts

Asking someone to bring a coupon might bring in a trickle of extra customers, but it’s not a great way to share your restaurant with the world. Instead, give them a discount if they share your post with their friends.

Increase the discount if they get X people to follow you on Twitter or Instagram. Asking for a favor before giving away a gift works. Don’t feel like you’ll scare your followers away if you ask them for help.

5. Give Customers Advice

If you serve foods stuffed with lots of calories, give people advice about how they’ll be able to burn them away. Tell people how to cook your meals at home if you own an expensive restaurant they can’t visit every week.

There are a million ways you’ll be able to give customers great advice. It’s a good way to ensure they always pay attention to what you’re posting, so when they do want to eat out you’ll be the first place that comes to mind.

Restaurants Don’t Have To Fail

More restaurants would stay in business if they worked harder to get new customers. Social media is a great place to start if you want your family-run restaurant to become more popular.

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